Greeting Card - Homage to the 26

Greeting Card - 5" x 7"
Created in 2010

"Homage to the 26" was inspired by artist, Josef Albers artwork “Homage to the Square”. Hidden inside you will find everything relating to art. There are 26 different artist names and the number also relates to the age I was when I drew it. This is my way of learning about the history of art and my way of paying respect to the art community.

HIDDEN PICTURES: Spray can, pencil, 2 colored pencils, crayon, marker, paint pallet, paint brush, air brush, hand drawing, MC Escher birds, Picasso artwork, Banksy artwork, Obey logo, paint splatter, 2 wire wrapped hummingbirds and Hokusai "Great Wave off Kanagawa" artwork.

HIDDEN WORDS: Banksy, Sheppard Fairey, Spencer Little, Rob Gonsalves, Georges Seurat, Salvador Dali, Bev Doolittle, Michelangelo, Vicent Van Gogh, Scott Kim, Andy Warhol, John Atkinson Grimshaw, Katsushika Hokusai, Gustav Klimt, Josef Aubers, Shigeo Fukuda, Leonardo Da Vinci, Kat Von D, Julian Beever, Claude Monet, Raphael, Pablo Picasso, MC Escher, Thomas Kinkade, John Pugh, Caravaggio, art, 26, tattoo, love, inspire, faith, my signature and finish date (8/18/10).

All greeting cards are blank on the inside and come with an envelope.

Also available in prints.