Gregg “Viz” Visintainer is a self-taught artist, TEDx speaker, entrepreneur and a father. He was born on February 29, 1984 in San Jose, CA. He always loved to draw as kid, but never thought he could pursue art as a career until he was 24. His style began when he was 15 years old. During class instead of listening and taking notes he was doodling. Drawing was his way to pass time in school and express how he felt. After high school Viz stopped drawing for six years.
Viz moved to San Diego when he was 21 years old and reconnected with his love for art. At 24 Viz created a piece titled, “Lonely World” that took three months and over 250 hours to complete. He realized drawing was his outlet and art became his meditation and therapy. Viz Art Ink was born and became his signature style.
Viz Art Ink is hand drawn, using pen and ink. From afar, there is a main image but up-close you will find hidden pictures, words and messages relating to each theme. Average piece takes 60-80 hours to create. His style has gained recognition throughout the years and has worked with Element Skateboards, DC Shoes, Grateful Dead, Falken Tires, Disney, United States Marine Corps and many others.
In January of 2013 he opened the Viz Art Ink Gallery in Carlsbad, CA. His gallery features Viz Art Ink and showcases over 20 local artists. Viz's goal is to share his art and story with as many people as possible. He speaks at different events and schools throughout the country to help motivate and inspire the youth. Viz hopes to travel the world and leave his mark everywhere he goes.
GreggViz Art Booth
   Viz Art Ink Teaser
   TEDx @ La Jolla Playhouse (2012)

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