Viz Art Ink is hand drawn pen & ink artwork created by Gregg "Viz" Visintainer. Hidden inside each piece you will find hidden pictures words and messages relating to each theme.

Average piece takes anywhere from 40-80 hours depending on negative space, colors, size, how many hidden items are in the art and other variables. Typically a new piece is created every month to a month and a half with a goal of creating 8-10 pieces a year. 

Originals are usually 11" x 14" (40-60 hours) or 11" x 17" (60-80 hours). 

Yes, most of the custom artwork is created for businesses but open to new ideas. Custom art requires a 50% deposit which locks in the date for when the artwork would start to be created, $100/hr. Please contact us if you have any questions,  

No, artwork is hand drawn. The colors you see are the colors of the pens used to create the art. A light pencil outline is drawn for the main image and some of the hidden items for layout purposes. Patterns are made up and always creating new ones.

My favorite brand is Sakura gel pens which can be seen HERE on our website.

I've always loved to draw and been creating art longer than I can remember. My doodling started while I was in middle school to pass time in class which continued throughout high school. I grew up with Highlights magazine, Magic Eye, Where's Waldo?, mazes and Bev Doolittle. My first full page art doodle or "Viz Art" was in 1999 while in high School, titled "Classroom Notes". 

No, college is not for everyone. I'm a self taught artist who loved to draw as a kid. Growing up I enjoyed doodling, looking at Highlights Magazines, Magic Eye, Where's Waldo?, creating mazes and loved Bev Doolittle's art. This is where I got my inspiration to create Viz Art. 

Yes, we sell wholesale on most of our products. Please contact for more information or click on the link WHOLESALE.