Rustic Handcarved Wooden Crosses

A must have for anyone who loves art, their country and God! This wooden handmade American Flag cross is absolutely beautiful and made is the USA. These are created by US ARMY, disabled veteran, Chadd Visintainer who started creating these cross flags to help with this mental therapy. Each piece is hand carved, burnt, stained and clear coated using pine wood. They are ready to hang and signed by the artist.

This artist is my big brother who is a combat veteran and I am helping him sell them as he is new to retail/online sales. If you have been to my booth in the last couple of years most likely you met him. He truly is an amazing guy and has always been there for me. Chadd served in the U.S. ARMY from 09/09/99 - 12/31/03. He was in Bravo Company 3-15 infantry 3rd Division with tours in Bosnia and Iraq. Now we live less than a mile from each other in North Idaho. I love seeing him create artwork to help him pass time, pay bills and find his passion. You won't regret this piece and worth every penny. We appreciate the support and GOD BLESS!

- Materials: Pine wood, glue, nails, stained and clear coated.

- Sizes: (SMALL) 5.5"W x 8.25"H x 1"D & (LARGE) 11"W x 16.5"H x 1"D

- Signed & ready to hang

- Handmade in the USA (North Idaho)

- Made by Combat Veteran: Carved using dremel for the stars, hand burnt, hand stained and brushed on clear coat.