Greeting Card - Reggae Rays

Greeting Card - 5" x 7"
Created in 2010

I wanted draw and honor a music legend. I chose Bob Marley because of the Reggae culture in San Diego and the footprint he has left throughout the world. "Reggae Rays" is a dedication to Bob Marley and tells the story and history of his life.

HIDDEN PICTURES: Soccer ball, microphone, marijuana leaf, Jamaican flag, peace sign, guitar, cross, 13 music notes, Jamaica's outline and a lion's face crying.

HIDDEN WORDS: Money can't buy life, None but ourselves can free our minds, Everyday the bucket a-go a well one day the bottom a-go drop out, One world one love, rebel music, February 6 1945, May 11 1981, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica, Rastafari, marijuana, Trenchtown Kingston, Bob Marley, Confrontation, Natty Dread, Babylon by Bus, Rastaman Vibration, Freedom Fighter, Survival, Exodus, Zion, Reggae, Burnin', Kaya, Catch A Fire, Uprising, 36, my signature and finish date (07/02/09).

All greeting cards are blank on the inside and come with an envelope.

Also available in prints.