Art Print - Reggae Rays

Created in 2009 - 12" x 16"

I wanted to honor a music legend and felt Bob Marley was the perfect fit for my style of art. "Reggae Rays" is a dedication to the life of Bob Marley. This piece tells the story and history of Marley with everything embedded inside the artwork. He is the light in Reggae and his rays will shine on forever.

HIDDEN PICTURES: Soccer ball, microphone, marijuana leaf, Jamaican flag, peace sign, guitar, cross, 13 music notes (representing his 13 kids), Jamaica's outline and a lion's face crying.

HIDDEN WORDS: Money can't buy life, None but ourselves can free our minds, Everyday the bucket a-go a well one day the bottom a-go drop out, One world one love, rebel music, February 6 1945, May 11 1981, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica, Rastafari, marijuana, Trenchtown Kingston, Bob Marley, Confrontation, Natty Dread, Babylon by Bus, Rastaman Vibration, Freedom Fighter, Survival, Exodus, Zion, Reggae, Burnin', Kaya, Catch A Fire, Uprising, 36, my signature and finish date (07/02/09).

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Veiw "Reggae Rays" greeting card HERE.