Art Print - Keep on Truckin'

Created in 2016 - 11" x 14"

Keep on Truckin' was inspired by my two year old son Ryder. He loves his cars, trucks and especially his Tonka truck. You can hear Ryder running all over the house with him pushing his truck and making his truck noises. I wanted to add another piece to my childhood collection and felt this would be perfect.

I drew this piece live in May of 2016 as Artist in Residence for the WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney. Hidden you find many different vehicles, tools and words that make this piece represent kids, trucks, playing and following your dreams.

HIDDEN PICTURES: Screw driver, wrench, key, fire truck, cement truck, monster truck, semi truck, tractor, crane, ice cream truck, garbage truck, flatbed truck, tow truck, road roller, excavator, front loader and bulldozer.

HIDDEN WORDS: Ryder, faith, hope, love, play, dirt, childhood, dream, work, monster truck, flatbed, semi truck, bull dozer, excavator, crane, tow truck, tractor, road roller, cement truck, dump truck and my signature.

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PRINTS - Print sizes: 8.5" x 11" ($25) & 11" x 14" ($35).

FRAMED PRINT - Print comes in thin black plastic frame with glass, 8.5" x 11" frame size only ($40).

METAL PRINTS - Printed on aluminum using UV latex inks. Images will not fade, no glass or frame needed and easy to hang. Recommended for indoors. 

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