Notepad - Illuminating LA


These unique and quality notepads are great for around the house, work, grocery list, hanging on the refrigerator, school or doodling. Each notepad will have Viz Art Ink artwork on the top of the page to accommodate your writing needs.

Los Angeles is a big city to take on, especially in my style of art. It is filled with failure, suffering, people chasing their dreams, hope, success, money, fame and is the city of angels.I wasn't sure what the main image would be because there are so many unique aspects and history to LA. The view I created is overlooking Downtown LA with palm trees and the Hollywood sign in the background to bring different parts of LA together.

"Illuminating LA" is dedicated to those people who have experienced LA and who continue chasing their dreams. Let this piece be a reminder of how special Los Angeles is when you look past all the smoke and mirrors. Look for the light, let it guide you, keep shining and illuminate LA!

8" x 4" notepad with 50 sheets of paper and a magnet on the back.

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