Art Print - Day & Night

Created in 2009 - 8" x 24"

"Day and Night" is a collaboration of five U.S. cities from West Coast to East Coast looking at the skylines in one day. This piece was my way to experiment with blending colors and negative space.

Individual city prints available: San Francisco "Welcome to the Bay", Seattle "Seattle Night", Chicago "Chicagoland" and New York "Light Up New York".

HIDDEN PICTURES: Golden Gate Bridge, coffee cup, steamboat, wind moving businessman and the Statue of Liberty.

HIDDEN WORDS: San Francisco, CA, 853 feet, Seattle, WA, 605 feet, St. Louis, MO, 630 feet, Chicago, IL, 1730 feet, New York City, NY, 1727 feet, my signature and finish date (04/15/09).

METAL PRINTS - Printed on aluminum using UV latex inks. Images will not fade, no glass or frame needed and easy to hang. Recommended for indoors.