Greeting Card - Birthday Buddies

Greeting Card - 5" x 7"
Created in 2014

"Birthday Buddies"was inspired by a real photo of kid and an elephant. Gil McCue was that kid back in the 1930's. Gil's father took a picture of him with his arm around the elephant at the Virginia Beach Circus. The photo was taken as a joke and printed in a local paper sometime in early 1950's.

Gil is a NAVY veteran, good friend and an amazing artist. He has published two children's books, two comic strips and a publishing history that goes back over 60 years. He is semi-retirement, living in Oceanside and usually sets up his booth on Saturday's in front my gallery. When Gil showed me the picture of him as a kid with the elephant I instantly liked it. I couldn't believe it was him and asked if I could recreate the picture as a birthday card. Gil loved the idea and "Birthday Buddies" was created. Now the picture of Gil and his buddy will continue to live on forever.

HIDDEN PICTURES: Balloon animal, present, circus elephant, birthday cake, birthday candles and a peanut.

HIDDEN WORDS: Happy Birthday, celebrate, elephant, peanut, party animal, best buddies, cake, balloons, make a wish, Gil McCue my signature and finish date (09/26/14).

All greeting cards are blank on the inside and come with an envelope.