#35/99 Original Relic Artist "A Time of Football" Card

I had a crazy idea that I had never seen in the art industry before which is why I had to make this vision come true. I’m a huge sports fan and drew a piece in 2013 dedicated to football titled, “A Time of Football”. I never released the original and had an insane idea to cut it up into pieces and turn them into football relic cards... guess what, after 4 months of working on this project with Reclaim Customs they are here and look amazing! 

Each card is handmade, silver foiled, numbered from 1 to 99, hand signed and has a different relic of a 1.25” square piece of the original artwork! They all come in a uv one-touch holder to protect the cards and keep them safe for generations to come! 

These are perfect for sports fans, art collectors or anyone who wants a piece of Viz Art history. We hope you love these unique one of a kind cards and enjoy your slice of my original artwork “A Time of Football”. 

Watch Episode 6 below from Reclaim Customs that we are featured in about our artist cards!