Art Print - Summer Palms

Created in 2013 - 11" x 14" ($35)

"Summer Palms" was created to celebrate summer. Hidden are 29 palm trees representing my age in 2013 with references to the beach and Twentynine Palms Military Base in the Mojave Desert.

HIDDEN PICTURES: 29 palm trees, volleyball, football, hammock, 3 girl silhouettes, lollipop, convertible car, beach hat, 2 beach chairs, cocktail, seagull and the outline of California.

HIDDEN WORDS: Mojave Desert, summer, 29, bike, bikini, 1952, 1984, Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, paradise, State Route 62, surf, California, Florida, Arizona, coast, palms, beach, Twentynine Palms, my signature and finish date (04/19/2013).

Also available in greeting cards.