Art Print - Whimsical Wishes

Created in 2021 - 11" x 14"

Whimsical Wishes was inspired by my two year old. You will always see her carrying around a stuffed animal and enjoys playing horse with Dad. She loves unicorns, animals, flowers, butterflies and anything magical but pink is her favorite. This piece is part of the Childhood Dreams series with this my 4th and final artwork in the collection.       

HIDDEN PICTURES: Butterfly, flamingo, candy, soccer ball, ice cream cone, princess crown, rose, Queen Poppy, heart cross, hummingbird, Minnie, birthday cake, baseball, purse, paint, cupcake, princess wand and cowgirl boots. 

HIDDEN WORDS: Faith, hope, love, Presley, 2, peanut, sports, magical, play, unicorn, I love u, butterfly, candy, dreams, ice cream, princess, signature and finish date (03/29/21).

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