Art Print - Lonely World

Created in 2008 - 24" x 36"

At age 24 I was going through some tough times and I remembered drawing "18 & Lost" and how it helped me in high school. This time I wanted to express myself on a larger scale. I locked myself in my room for three months and created “Lonely World”. This piece took over 250 hours to create was my enough is enough moment. I started drawing every day for meditation and therapy purposes.

Hidden inside "Lonely World" you will find everything going on in my life at the time. It is the Earth in outer space with all the craziness and madness going around me.

PRINT - Print sizes: 24" x 36" - $80.

METAL PRINTS - Printed on aluminum using UV latex inks. Images will not fade, no glass or frame needed and easy to hang. Recommended for indoors.