Greeting Card - First to Fight

Greeting Card - 5" x 7"
Created in 2015

"First to Fight" is the firstartwork drawn part of a five piece military series. I will also be creating a piece for the ARMY, AIR FORCE, NAVY and COAST GUARD thattells the story and history of each branch.

Marines arefirsttofight and canthrive in any terrainagainst any foreign threat.Hidden you will find many different aspects of the Marine Corps that makes them so powerful and capabletoaccomplish any mission. This piece is dedicated to all Marineswho have served.

HIDDEN PICTURES: NCO sword, grenade, F-18 Hornet, AV-8B, F-35 Lighting, M110 SASS, M9 Beretta, M16, HMMWV, Huey, bullet, battlefield cross and Marines logo (Eagle, Globe and Anchor).

HIDDEN WORDS: Warrior, combat, Tun Tavern, Semper Fi, ooh rah, devil dogs, November 10, 1775, MEU, MAGTF, rifleman, bayonet, Mameluke Sword, M249, M203, M777, .50 cal machine gun, mortar, M240B, M4, M32, LAV, FGM-148, MARK 19, MRAP, M1A1 Abrams Tank, AAV MTVR, HIMARS, MATV, MV-22 osprey, CH-53E, EA-6B prowler, USMC, cobra, viper, The few. The proud. The Marines., first to fight, one shot one kill, honor courage and commitment, never leave a Marine behind, my signature and finish date (03/16/15).

All greeting cards are blank on the inside and come with an envelope.

Also available in notepads,printandcanvas.