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by Gregg Visintainer October 01, 2012

After traveling to Chicago in the summer I finally was able to finish the long awaited piece! I hope all you Chicago lovers enjoy it and I had a great time experiencing this incredible city. "Chicagoland" took over 80 hours to create with all 77 neighborhoods written in the water, pro sport teams, history about Chicago, a hot dog, pizza, Al Capone and much more.

These next couple months are going to be crazy with shows and getting ready for the holidays. Make sure to get your orders in for the Holidays and look out for new Holiday greeting cards soon. Stay in touch and I'll keep you posted on new projects and artwork. Take care and thanks for all the support.
Much Love,
Gregg Visintainer
Gregg Visintainer

Gregg “Viz” Visintainer is an extreme doddle artist and gallery owner whose unique artwork contains hidden pictures, words, and messages relating to each theme called Viz Art Ink.