Sweatshirt - Marines
Sweatshirt - Marines
Sweatshirt - Marines Sweatshirt - Marines

Sweatshirt - Marines


Official Licensed Artwork of the United States Marine Corps. 
Viz became a licensed artist for the United States Marine Corps in 2016. "Marines - Red, White & Blue" is the first piece in the collection with more to come in the next three years. 
Eagle, Globe & Anchor emblem with the American Flag in the background is a symbol of pride and honor. This piece was created and dedicated to anyone who has served in the Marines or who is currently serving.  
HIDDEN PICTURES: Knife, bullet, sword, M9 Beretta, M16, Huey, Osprey, Cobra, AV-8B, F-18, battlefield cross, tank and a grenade.
HIDDEN WORDS: MARINES, America, Ooh Rah, eagle, globe, anchor, Semper Fi, USMC, honor, USA, warrior, rifleman, air, land, sea, Tun Tavern, courage, commitment, Cobra, AV-8B, F-18, Osprey, Huey, M16, November 10, 1775, First to Fight, Faithful Always, Freedom Isn't Free, Earned. Never Given., The Few The Proud, never leave a Marine behind, my signature and finish date (03/26/16).
100% cotton, Gildan brand and sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.
Also available in greeting cardsnotepads, vinyl stickers, coastersprints and canvas.