Canvas - A Blazing

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Created in 2014

On February 17, 2014 I had the pleasure of working a 24 hour shift with the Carlsbad Firefighters at Fire Station 1. I went on all their calls, rode on the fire truck and ambulance, ate and slept in the firehouse and shared many stories. It was an experience I will never forget. It truly made me realize how amazing these guys are and that they are all willing to give up their life to save another.

"A Blazing" was drawn live at Disney's WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney in the month on May in front of thousands of onlookers. This was the first time I've drawn in front of people for this amount of time. Customers had an inside look at how Viz Art Ink was created from start to finish.

This piece is dedicated to all firefighters and paramedics who serve the public and sacrifice everything so we can live safely and peacefully. Hidden you will find many different aspects of being a firefighter and paramedic.

HIDDEN PICTURES: Fire hydrant, firefighter climbing ladder, fire extinguisher, firefighters helmet, World Trade Center, axe, pike pole, rubbish hook, halligan and fighters raising the American Flag.

HIDDEN WORDS: Chief, Lieutenant, Battalion Chief, Sergeant, Captain, Division Chief, Deputy Chief, Engineer, Technician, firefighter, paramedics, EMT, ambulance, hero, never forget, 911, emergency, help, firehouse, ladder, smoke, flame, hose, fire, firetruck, 343, safe, my signature and finish date (05/31/14.)

Canvas are gallery wrapped, stretched and ready to hang. They are printed with archival inks, UV coated and museum quality. Contact us for custom sizes and pricing.

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