Art Print - A Time of Football

Created in 2013 - 12" x 16"

"A Time of Football" is my way of showing respect for all the leather heads who paved the way for this great American sport.American football was derived from rugby in 1879 by Walter Camp "Father of American Football" but it took 40 years for the National Football League (NFL) to be created in 1920.This piece represents the growth from the old to the new in the game of football.

HIDDEN PICTURES: 32 NFL teams logos, beer bottle, Vince Lombardi trophy, a quarterback, a kicker, referee touchdown sign, NFL logo, and a cheerleader.

HIDDEN WORDS: Superbowl, 32, offense, defense, NFL, Vince Lombardi, Walter Camp, Ed Ecker, 1st down, Hall of Fame, 1920, field goal, touchdown, leatherheads, fans, AFC, NFC, MNF, kickoff, football, my signature and finish date (08/25/13).

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PRINTS - Print sizes: 8.5" x 11" ($25) & 12" x 16" ($40).

FRAMED PRINT - Print comes in thin black plastic frame with glass, 8.5" x 11" frame size only ($40).

METAL PRINTS - Printed on aluminum using UV latex inks. Images will not fade, no glass or frame needed and easy to hang. Recommended for indoors. 

Also available in greeting cards.